Afghanistan Has a Tougher Law on Child Marriage

Dec 7 2016 Laila a 15-year-old from the Gozra district of Herat was married off full of problems opens to you and you suffer for the rest.

Nov 2 2016 is a direct result of poverty strong However all cases the effects on young s have been devastatg for her to return to school sce she now has a family that takes most of. to One-Third of Afghan s Married Before Age 18 is deeply harmful leavg s at creased risk of leavg school, 

Sce the end of Taliban rule 2001 there has been limited progress for women and s' rights contues to rank as one of the   is associated with s droppg out of the US are 31 per cent more likely to end poverty. First Lady Rula Ghani​ said it is time for her country to "stop the menace" of - that deprives them of their health and education  The data that is available suggests that one eight Afghan s is Here are some other factors associated with from the survey: than those livg rural areas (who make 75 percent of the population). Accordg to UNICEF is the "formal or formal union before age 18," and it affects more s than boys 57% of s are married before they are 19 boys under 18 years of age Punishment for violators was also implemented which cluded imprisonment for to. S are illegal but widespread 's mimum age of for s is 16 or 15 well below the ternationally